Situated in the heart of Hazmieh- Mar Roukoz - Hazmieh Municipality Street,
"Oh! Happy days - Arts Academy " was specially conceived : decoration, light and isolation are realized for the comfort of the child .We offer various classes in an intimate,creative environment that supports the artistic journey of each child .

Opened in 2008, various astistic activities are available to suit all tastes and interests. If you're looking for something fun to do for your children (kids or teens) , you can choose any of our artistic activity classes, gather their friends, and reserve the class of their choice !

We know your kids & teens love to create, so we wanted to make a nurturing, encouraging, fun and exciting place for artists of all ages to come learn how to do what they want, and make some really cool stuff.

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hazmieh - mar roukoz
hazmieh municipality street
akl menassa building - ground floor
t/f +961 5 95 11 42
m +961 70 25 27 26

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